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'Akita Waterfall Line, 2003'.

 Akita Waterfall Line

Akita Waterfall Line.

My work is about nature.
Most important element of 'Akita Waterfall Line' is water.
Together with oxygen, water is one of the most important elements on our planet.

There are three types of nature in this work.
One is the nature of human energy of speed of my hand.
Next is the nature of water, liquidity of the mud.
Last is the nature of the gravity.

I make the top half of the work and the nature does the rest.
I make the line and the gravity makes splashes.

One characteristic of all my mud works is the contrast between the overall image and the micro details.
In the splashes, there is cosmic variety. Cosmic variety is one big feature of nature.
For examples, clouds, snow flakes, finger prints, rivers, waterfalls, which never repeat.

Comments of Richard Long during his stay in Akita.
From: 'Floating Time',volume 6 May 2004




Framed works (from left to right):
'An Exchange, 2003',

'Transference, 2003',

'A Seven Day Walk on Chokai Mountain, 2003'.

Photos: Sotoasahikawa Hospital Art Project.

 A Seven Day Walk on Chokai Mountain