13 MAY - 21 AUGUST 2016.


the press release

 From 13 May until 21 August 2016, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga, Spain presents COLD STONES,
a new exhibition by British conceptual artist Richard Long.

The exhibition brings together a selection of sculptures, driftwood drawings, photographs and text works dating from 1967 to the present day.
It also includes new works created specifically for the exhibition: a sculpture made of granite stones and marble from the Macael quarries
and a large wall work made by applying mud to the wall with the artist's hands.

 Through these pieces, Long recreates the experience of a particular landscape within an indoor context and asserts an abiding relationship to the land.
Richard Long has been in the vanguard of conceptual and land art in Britain since he created A Line Made by Walking in 1967 while still a student.
This photograph of the path left by his feet in the grass, a fixed line of movement, established a precedent that art could be a journey.
Long walks alone in nature for days or weeks on end, covering great distances in locations round the world:
mountains, scree fields, beaches, deserts, rivers and snowbound landscapes.
In the course of these walks he interacts with the landscape, leaving his footsteps
and the sculptures he fashions out of materials found in situ behind as evidence on site.

 The artist documents these walks and ephemeral interventions in the landscape, which attempt to deny man's dominion over nature –
doomed as they are to disappear due to the effects of erosion – in the manner best suited to each idea,
with photographs, maps and text works in which the measurements of time and distance and the place names are infused with poetry.
The pieces on display for COLD STONES record the experience of these landscapes and stimulate the spectator's imagination,
allowing visitors to accompany Long on his various passages. 

the announcement 

There was no invitation card issued.
This image was shown on the Museum's website.
'Rolling Stones, Norway 2008'.



'Rolling Stones, Norway 2008' detail,
at the back an introduction to the work of Richard Long and to the exhibition, in Spanish and English.

the catalogue

     10 x 25 cm,
     120 pages,
     43 colour photographs of all the works in the exhibition,
     texts by Fernando Francés, Javier Sánchez Martínez,
     and Fransisco de la Torre Prados,
     design Alberto Ricca,
     ISBN 978-84-944354-3-0,
     price: €25 (shipping not included).

the exhibition 

'Circle for Sally, 2016',
granite and marble stones,
diameter 520 cm.
[Sally was the first name of Richard Long's grandmother
who died in Malaga and was buried in the Cementerio Inglés in Malaga].

In the foreground:
'Circle for Sally, 2016'.
In the background:
'Muddy Water Wall, 2016'.


'Walking from a Full Moon to a New Moon, Spain 2009',
vinyl on wall,
'Muddy Water Wall, 2016'
'Bark Circle 1993'.

'Muddy Water Wall, 2016',
terracotta clay on black paint,
35 x 4,5 meters.

'Bark Circle, 1993',
larch bark,
800 cm.

From left to right:
'Muddy Water Wall, 2016',
'Untitled'(fingerprints on wood),
'Crescent to Cross, Spain and Portugal 2014',
'Bark Circle, 1993',
'Three Paths, 2003'.

'Four Paths, 2003-2016',
linear plywood boards,
dimensions variable.

At the right:
'Untitled, 2011',
wood drawing,
80 x 34 cm.

At the far right:
Four wood drawings 'Untitled'.

Seven wood drawings.

'Untitled, 2014',
wood drawing,
54 x 61 cm

'Untitled, 2008',
wood drawing on tent pole,
74 x 12 cm.
'Untitled, 2016',
wood drawing,
29 x 77 cm.
'Untitled, 2011',
wood drawing,
46 x 30 cm.

'Untitled, 2015',
wood drawing.
22 x 93 cm.
'Untitled, 2006',
wood drawing,
55 x 21 cm.

'Untitled, 2006' (rescue pole),
wood drawing,
240 x 5 cm.

'Cornwall Spiral,2012',
wood drawing,
111 x 107 cm.

'Untitled, 2013',
wood drawing,
94 x 120 cm.

'England, 1967',
photograph and text,
128,5 x 88 cm.

'Ireland, 1967',
photograph and text,
77 x 129,5 cm.

'Passing by Warli Tribal Land Maharashtra, India 2003',
giclée print on Somerset paper,
81,5 x 118 cm.

'A Rolling Stone, Oregon 2001',
photograph and text,
83,5 x 114 cm.

'Footpath Waterline, India 2003',
giclée print on Somerset paper,
121 x 81 cm.

'Sleeping Place Mark, Spain 1990',
photograph and text,
83 x 113,5 cm.

'Karoo Crossing, South Africa 2004',
photograph and text,
87,5 x 129 cm.

'Granite, 2005',
photograph and text,
87 x 127 cm.


'Schanz Glacier Stones, Antarctica 2012',
photograph and text,
102,5 x 84,5 cm.

'Cuckoo Walk, 2014',
159 x 105,5 cm. 

'Cold Stones, Spain 2009',
photograph and text,
80,5 x 112 cm.

Photos: CACMálaga.