13 NOVEMBER  2015- 9 JANUARY 2016.


Press release

The art of Richard Long is about walking in landscape, about the experience of space, time and distance. During his nature hikes in all parts of the world, he creates artworks made of in-situ found material like stones, water, wood and mud or the trail itself transforms into an artwork. The walks and hikes are very different. They can be made crossing a specific distance - place to place, coast to coast - or following an in advance determined timeline - hours, days, number of steps, or cosmic events, for example a lunar eclipse.

Richard Long’s sculptures and wall works are based on simple geometric, timeless and archaic structures - lines, circles, spirals and squares made of different stones, driftwood, turf or osiers. In his text and photographic works, Long is keeping records both of his walks and of the artworks created en route and usually left for weathering and disappearance.

He describes his artistic language as kind of universal. "It' s a sort of cliché but it's true in some way. My work is about the characteristics of the planet I live on. Water, stones, mud, sun, snow, wind, mountains, walking, gravity - all of this is universal. My language is everything we share, not the things that make us different." 

For his solo show at Konrad Fischer Galerie Richard Long presents new works made of basalt and slate along with photographic and text works. 

Richard Long was born in 1945 in Bristol where he still lives and works. Already at age 23 he showed at Konrad Fischer in Düsseldorf, it was his first solo exhibition. The works of Richard Long have been shown at documenta 5 and documenta 7. In 1989 he received the Turner Prize and in1996 the Wilhelm Lehmbruck Prize. In 2009 he was awarded the Praemium Imperiale from Japan.

The invitation card

'A Line for a Time at a Place, Antarctica 2012'.

 The exhibition, the first floor.

'Untitled, 2014',
mud on paper, framed,
82 x 101 cm. *


'Time and Distance Distance and Time, England 2014',
text on paper, framed,
105 x 158,5 cm. *


'Aconcagua Circle, Argentina 2012',
colour print, framed.
73 x 96,5 cm. *


'Wet and Dry, 2014',
text on paper, framed,
158,5 x 105 cm. *

The second floor.

'Basaltslate, 2015',
basalt stones and slate,
130 x 1000 x 60 cm. *

'Stones/Years, 2015',
in the background
'Flat-Top Guitar Slates, 2015'. *

'Flat-Top Guitar slates, 2015',
11 slates,
450 x 180 x 10 cm. * 

'Stones/Years, 2015',
157 basalt stones,
diameter 352 - 364 cm, height 40 cm. *

* Konrad Fischer Galerie
Other photos: Gerard Vermeulen.