19 DECEMBER 2015 - 19 MARCH 2016.


The invitation card

The press release


The exhibition Larksong Line presents new and existing work by British artist Richard Long.
Besides two stone pieces that form the center of the exhibition, the show will include wood and mud works as well as photographs.

 Richard Long, (*1945 in Bristol, England).
Richard Long participated in documenta twice and represented Great Britain at the Venice Biennial 1976.
He has been honored with numerous international solo exhibitions.
In 1989 Long was awarded the renowned Turner Prize.
He was appointed Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres by the French Government in 1990
and received the Praemium Imperiale in the field of sculpture from Japan in 2009.
In the 1960s, the need for a renewal of the means and objectives of art led Richard Long to develop
a way of working that was previously aesthetic no man’s land: walking as art. * 
The exploration of this field, which became the object of intense reflection in visual art during the Sixties,
was besides Richard Long also undertaken by artists such as Hamish Fulton.

 ‘I started working outside using natural materials like grass and water, and this
evolved into the idea of making a sculpture by walking. [...]
Walking also enabled me to extend the boundaries of sculpture,
which now had the potential to be deconstructed in the time and space of walking long distances’. **

Richard Long often traverses natural landscapes on his walks – steppes, deserts, mountains.
He engages in immediate contact with the topography of a place and carries out subtle, ephemeral sculptural interventions at selected sites.
Long documents his walks through photography, maps, and text-works.
He takes photographs of his traces and sculptural interventions;
his texts describe units of time and impressions or he may draw the routes of his walks on maps.
Through the traces that he leaves on his walks, the works of Richard Long suggest to the viewer the transience of nature as well as its constancy, which is reaffirmed by the presentation of the work in museums and galleries.


* Ralph Fischer, Walking Artists. Über die Entdeckung des Gehens in den performativen Künsten, 2011.
**  Ben Tufnell, Richard Long: Selected Statements & Interviews, 2007, S.39.




The exhibition

'Untitled, 2015',
fingerprint drawing on black paper,
114 x 5 x 90 cm.

From left to right:
'Engadine Circle, 2014', 
'Larksong Line, 2015'
'Four Walks of Known and Unknown Factors, 2001',

'Engadine Circle, 2014',
black and white photograph and handwritten text on paper,
87 x 114 x 6 cm.


'Larksong Line,Wales 2015',
black and white photograph and handwritten text on paper, 
87 x 114 x 6 cm.


'Four Walksof Known and Unknown Factors, 2011', 
printed text on paper,
108 x 160 cm.


'Aconcaqua Circle, Argentina 2012',
photograph and text on paper, 
90 x 144 x 5 cm,
edition of 4.

'Borehole Camp on Guarrie Berg, South Africa 2004',
giclée print on somerset paper,
85 x 127 cm.

From left to right:
'Untitled, 2006',
black paint on Bristol Channel driftwood, 89 x 12,5 x 5,5 cm.
'Untitled, Agadez 2006',
        red mud on black painted bed stake from Niger, 64 x 16 x 3 cm.      
  'Untitled, 2006',
           China clay on bed stake from Niger, 60 x 17,5 x 2,8 cm.
'Untitled, 2000',
  River Avon mud and paint on River Avon driftwood, 130 x 15 x 5,5, cm.

'Past Future, 2015',
Mergozzo Rosa, Mergozzo Verde,
700 cm long, 240 cm at the middle.


 Photos: Ralph Feiner.