The Richard Long Newsletter

No 100

13 MAY 2016


This newsletter is No 100.
The first issue came out in February 2001.
Thank you for being a visitor of the newsletter. 
And of course a big Thank-You to Richard Long for creating his work and making his exhibitions. 
It still is a pleasure making the newsletter.

Today opens 'Richard Long: Cold Stones' in Malaga at Centro de Arte Contemporáneo.
This is exhibition No 258 Richard Long made since his first one in Düsseldorf back in September 1968.

For sale from a private collector: an impressive and beautiful print collection with 49 titles, 101 framed prints of Richard Long: see Various-section.

Gerard Vermeulen, editor.

N.B. For publishing Richard Long's work please contact DACS (Design and Artist's Copyright Society)
at or visit for further information.