The Richard Long Newsletter

No 111

15 NOVEMBER 2018


Dear visitor of The Richard Long Newsletter,

three years ago Alan Cristea Gallery opened an exhibition with large sized carborundum prints of Richard Long.
The serie is called ‘The Spike Island Tapes’.
'The Spike Island Tapes' are now exhibited at Thomas Schütte Stiftung in Neuss Germany (see: Other Exhibitions).
Today Alan Cristea Gallery is opening an exhibition with another serie of prints made by Richard Long: ‘The Tide is High’.

Due to a deteriorating health I am ‘forced’ to sell my collection of the expensive and rare artist books of Richard Long and also the archive I have build up since 1990.
For more information see: Books and Cataloques.

Gerard Vermeulen,

N.B. For publishing Richard Long's work please contact DACS (Design and Artist's Copyright Society) 
at or visit for further information.