The Richard Long Newsletter

No 106

27 OCTOBER 2017


If you haven't walked around in the Houghton Hall exhibition of Richard Long, well you really have missed something.
It was an outstanding exhibition in a very special place.
Only memories exist, a catalogue and a special in the newsletter.
When you are in Lpndon don't forget to visit the exhibition 'Everything at Once at the Strand 10.
Richard Long made a mud wallwork, 'Peloponnese Line', of 60m long: a beauty and an impressive work (see Other Exhibitions).
Even in the artworld life goes on and Richard Long's next exhibition will open at Derby Museum and Art Gallery in Derby, England.

In the meantime I will keep you informed as good as possible about the things you would like to know about Richard Long's artistic activities.

Gerard Vermeulen.

N.B. For publishing Richard Long's work please contact DACS (Design and Artist's Copyright Society) 
at or visit for further information.