The Richard Long Newsletter

No 96

19 DECEMBER 2015


Galerie Tschudi is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Congretulations and thank you Elsbeth and Ruedi Tschudi for the exhibitions you have shown, first in Glarus and since quite some time in Zuoz.
The gallery is showing a group show with artists of the gallery and the exhibition 'Richard Long: Lark Song'.
Still to visit: 'Richard Long: Basaltslate' at Konrad Fischer Galerie in Düsseldorf. It's an exhibition with four beautiful framed works and three surprising floorworks.
If you don't know what to do with your time off from work this last week of the month: please order for 'Richard Long: Here and There' (see Books and Catalogues) and while sitting in an easy chair be at the same time in Antarctica, the Andes, Switzerland, England, India, China.....
Travelling had never been so cheap and so comfortable..

Gerard Vermeulen, editor.

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